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Why and what to eat?

Choice quality quantity taste and contents of Diet posted from Bloggeroid

dont expect a prescription online or phone... because

May be you can repair your a table by knowing how to use a hammer and screw, you may not do so for a smart phone; you know - its fragile.. The case with a child or human body is more delicate than this; its not only fragile but it is also dynamic. As a scratch can make the phone unusable, a wrongly spelt name or dose or duration of a medicine can be life threatening; More so; with a telephonic consultation where you are assuming that your assessment of the problem and doctor's assessment of the problem is exactly same. How can a parent/relative/guardian/politician know a child suffering from some disease; which a doctor probably took years of education and experience to understand and yet appears not so confident. - Dr SK Aug 2016 So, unless you are a qualified doctor; dont use online medical help for management... but use only for understanding. Follow @9869405747 DR SK is a qualified pediatrician with MD and DNB qualification, from India who has

parents should not consider an infant or a child at par like an adult

Its important that parents do not consider an infant or a child at par like an adult that they may be given OTC Medicines as and when they feel like. Children are not like machines but are like pets.. . Who cannot talk and the problem perceived by an adult non medico is likely to be a mere exaggeration of what the adult may be imagining with his re-callable experience of sufferings.. most remembered in last few days. Also what a child may tell as a symptom may not be exactly same what the child may be suffering from as a toddlers language development may not be appropriate to describe the exact suffering of child. A doctor often needs to weight the told symptoms, felt feelings and clinical signs before declaring a child to be manageable from home. Deciding about medicines also depends on level of acumen of doctor, his expertise and recent trends of the symptom in recent days apart from his knowledge beliefs and his readings of recent advances and guidelines. Degree al

How much nutrients in what type of food? A wonderful information

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डाॅक्टरांनी फोन का नाही उचलला?

डाॅक्टरांनी फोन न उचलण्याच्या कारणांच्या काही शक्यता :- डाॅक्टर दुसर्‍या फोनवर बोलत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर गाडी चालवत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर व्यवस्थित रेंज न येणार्‍या लिफ्टमधे असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर टाॅयलेट / बाथरूममधे असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर दुसरा पेशंट बघत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर आॅपरेशन थिएटरमधे वाॅश्डअप असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर आयसीयू / आॅपरेशन थिएटरमधे एखाद्या प्रोसीजरमधे बिझी असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर एखाद्या ह्रदय थांबलेल्या रुग्णाला सिपिआर देत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर एखाद्या अत्यवस्थ रूग्णाच्या नातेवाईकांना आजाराचे गांभिर्य, उपचारांची दिशा, परिस्थिती सुधारण्याची शक्यता वगैरे समजावून सांगत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर एखाद्या गंभिर रूग्णाला अँब्युलंसमधून शिफ्ट करताना माॅनिटर करत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर एखाद्या गेलेल्या रूग्णाच्या नातेवाईकांना ही दु:खद बातमी सांगत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर एखाद्या रूग्णाला नुकतेच निदान झालेल्या कॅन्सर वा अन्य दुर्धर आजाराची संवेदनशील बातमी सांगत असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर स्वत: अपघातग्रस्त / आजारी / आॅपरेशन टेबलवर / आयसीयूमधे अॅडमिट असू शकतात. डाॅक्टर हाॅस्पिटलवर चालून आलेल्या माॅबला तो

Ear ache in children

Short duration earaches are very common in children and often is a reason for rushing to hospital with the baby around 3am. Though common cause of ear ache all over world is wax or a foreign body insect or cotton or stick in ear... In infants the ear is most commonly aching due to common cold. The nose block associated with common cold or rhinitis or adenoiditis or flu causes pressure and congestion of Eustachran tube opening in throat and causes pain in ear due to pressure buildup in middle ear. Ear ache in infants is commonest reason of excess cry (after the infantile colic) in age 2 months to 2 years. Ear infections are often bacterial and may need good course of specific antibiotics. Dont try to treat an ear issue without visiting a doctor as there are some serious infections like otitis media that need good course of antibiotics. Also some life threatening sequalae like bleeding, sepsis or tetanus may floow some cases and cannot be easily seen as other symptoms. Never put a

Read before you ask questions..

Please do not use medical terms. Detail the symptom fr better understandings. Half medical.knowledge or information is dangerous. Please visit to know what to ask a dr .

9869405747 Dr Kondekar WhatsApp Number

9869405747 Dr Kondekar WhatsApp Number

internet based advice.. what should one expect from a doctor online? does it bypass consultation?

often people seek online medical advice to save time money and confusion... Should patients read internet? We often say; half knowledge is dangerous. Especially we hear in medical field.. media and doctors cribbing about patient reading lots of details on internet. They google the diseases and spoil their mind with lots of queries and bombard a doctor with lots of queries about chance possibilities. All this is discouraged by many. I do not. A doctor should never be insecure about what patient needs or knows as long as all is done in good faith. Give a second thought, how can knowledge be dangerous. Knowledge is always a piece of information that is searched for out of curiosity to know understand and to clear confusions when u feel u have no other choice left. Its likely that there may be wrong books written so also the wrong information provided in media advertisements websites and internet. So its likely that information may be wrong or wrongly interpreted that exactly

eat apple for taste; not for iron@ iron apple health -  myth #APPLE often i see people consuming lots of apples.. also gAiving same to infants... boiled pureed and what not forms.. considering it is very healthy for kids for iron and calories... not true exactly. Apple gives calories as equal as a banana... sixty calories for 120gm serving. See the cost effectiveness. A water melon slice is equal to same. means cheaper fruits like banana and watermelon are richer in calories compared to apple. So why apple madness? Age old saying is.. an apple a day keeps doctor away. its supposed to keep u healthy by keeping u low in calories. if u have an apple prior to a meal.. u may eat 180 calorie less. In short.. its a weight reducer.. so why punish kids with it when they need to gain weight. Now coming to iron... are u maddened by apple content of iron cos it turna black when kept open to air... then again u r fooling urselves. iron requirement

Rare disease... Why;what; how; how much and which ones are?

Let's chat rare diseases ask discuss comment.. Let's see how it works.. posted from Bloggeroid