eat apple for taste; not for iron@
iron apple health -  myth #APPLE

often i see people consuming lots of apples.. also gAiving same to infants... boiled pureed and what not forms.. considering it is very healthy for kids for iron and calories... not true exactly.

Apple gives calories as equal as a banana... sixty calories for 120gm serving. See the cost effectiveness.
A water melon slice is equal to same. means cheaper fruits like banana and watermelon are richer in calories compared to apple. So why apple madness?
Age old saying is.. an apple a day keeps doctor away. its supposed to keep u healthy by keeping u low in calories. if u have an apple prior to a meal.. u may eat 180 calorie less. In short.. its a weight reducer.. so why punish kids with it when they need to gain weight.

Now coming to iron... are u maddened by apple content of iron cos it turna black when kept open to air... then again u r fooling urselves. iron requirement for adults is say 10mg per day for males and 20 mg per day for females.. and for kids its around 2mg per kg body weight per day. Now look at apple iron content its around 0.22 mg for medium size apple. now imagine how many apples you need to eat to make 20 mg per day.
Last but not the least ... apple is good source of  vitamin C. that is ten mg.. oh yeah and the requirement for vit C per day is around 60 mg. so if u eat six apples a day.. you are sure to get malnourished.
Moral: Eat fruits... but for taste. dont go for fanatism.. dont expect a single diet source to give all. by having a single food in excess you are compromising on other dietary necessities.
Dr kondekar

so what to give kids?

wait for updated article on how much how often... till then basic feeding or diet issues discussed at in question answer format.

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