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recurrent cough and cold, are you worried of asthma or allergy?

ask Child health specialist pediatrician Mumbai.... what is cough, cold and wheeze? Many parents and people have wierd ideas about cough, cold and wheeze.These interpretation are based on their knowledge, info, myths and perceptions. its better to be clean on these terms when we proceed to discuss further. Cough: is an explosive sound when air comes out of mouth with a force. noises from nose, chest, throat during breathing is not cough. "Kaff" (in ayurveda) means a lot different than the word "cough". Cough is of different types and varieties, that may help a doctor assess its severity and origin and accordingly plan a therapy. Cold : Ice is cold, when fever settles hands and feet may go cold. so cold is a very common word used for many issues. When meeting a doctor regarding respiratory issues, we will consider cold as "common cold". The word "common Cold" is used for symptoms of nose and throat with or without fever. Literally its  sy

Danger symptoms: when not to ask for online help from a doctor?

following situations will be difficult or impossible to manage through email, how ever you may just discuss with the doctor later once the acute condition settles down. while asking a query to Child health specialist pediatrician Mumbai... You shouldnot post your query on any online medical advice forms in the following way. 1. should i go to a doctor? == legally when you feel like going to a doctor for consultation of emergency or appointment, there is no second thought. Online doctors cant refuse your wish as the seriousness you describe or the doctor feels cant be assessed online without a video-call. 2. if the child has trauma , medicolegal issue, abuse, addiction, psychological element of the caretaker, its very important and binding that the emergency issues be tackled first. legal elements and psychological issues require a great follow up and cant be answered by email forms. 3. when child has any danger signs: === when a child has any danger signs or danger symptoms

Re: Feedback via the Online Free advice by Dr SK

format of an online question answer Name: Website: Upload a File/picture or word file : Post or paste your query here: Dr. Kondekar, I have a question about my nephew. I did try to consult with you last year.| My nephew was admitted to the hospital in Thane c/o cough and fever in 2010 Feb; diagnosed with strep pneumoniae and discharged on augmentin. Three days after the discharge, he was readmitted due to persistent 101-102 F fever. The doc could not figure out; baby had seizures due to hypocalcemia; dehydration ( no feeding) ; baby was in ICU; transferred to Wadia and diagnosed with klebsiella and mild GERD; admitted for almost 15 days and discharged with instructions to elevate head; thick formula and anacids; however, the cough; intermittent cough and fever is not resolved yet; he is on steroid inhaler; currently has cold, cough and wheezing. My question: why he has persistently intermittent fever; almost 102F? Why he still has cough? Will ste

My daughter having asthma attack in the hospital

Please go to our dedicated website for asthma in children, teaching parents home based classification, therapy and management of asthma.. Dr kondekar is available for private consultations at     Shushrusha Hospital Dadar West Mumbai from Monday to Friday 7 to 9 pm .  Please confirm appointment 91-9869405747 by call or sms. a very important cinical sign for parenst to watch at homw for severity of asthma/wheezing

Pediatrician interview for student project on child sepcialist experience, as a career challenge

1. Why did you choose this career? by choice as it is challenging! 2. Where (what school) did you get your education for this career? Seth G S Medical College and King Edward Memorial Hospital Mumbai INDIA 3. How long did your education take? from 1992-2002 4. How much did your education cost and how did you pay for it? On an Average 1 million INR 5. Do you like your job? Why or why not? Yes, as it is challenging to my expectations too. 6. What is the best part of your job? I interact with people. 7. What is the worst part of your job? I am an emergency doctor, so taking vacation is real painful. 8. What do you like to do in your free time? Play with my kids. 9. Do you feel that your job gives you enough free time? (to be with your family and/or traveland/or participate in leisure activities? Not enough time, I can barely manage family, travel is difficult too. 10. What advice can you give me, as a high school student who is interested in this career? Plan to