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9869405747 Dr Kondekar WhatsApp Number

9869405747 Dr Kondekar WhatsApp Number

internet based advice.. what should one expect from a doctor online? does it bypass consultation?

often people seek online medical advice to save time money and confusion... Should patients read internet? We often say; half knowledge is dangerous. Especially we hear in medical field.. media and doctors cribbing about patient reading lots of details on internet. They google the diseases and spoil their mind with lots of queries and bombard a doctor with lots of queries about chance possibilities. All this is discouraged by many. I do not. A doctor should never be insecure about what patient needs or knows as long as all is done in good faith. Give a second thought, how can knowledge be dangerous. Knowledge is always a piece of information that is searched for out of curiosity to know understand and to clear confusions when u feel u have no other choice left. Its likely that there may be wrong books written so also the wrong information provided in media advertisements websites and internet. So its likely that information may be wrong or wrongly interpreted that exactly

eat apple for taste; not for iron@ iron apple health -  myth #APPLE often i see people consuming lots of apples.. also gAiving same to infants... boiled pureed and what not forms.. considering it is very healthy for kids for iron and calories... not true exactly. Apple gives calories as equal as a banana... sixty calories for 120gm serving. See the cost effectiveness. A water melon slice is equal to same. means cheaper fruits like banana and watermelon are richer in calories compared to apple. So why apple madness? Age old saying is.. an apple a day keeps doctor away. its supposed to keep u healthy by keeping u low in calories. if u have an apple prior to a meal.. u may eat 180 calorie less. In short.. its a weight reducer.. so why punish kids with it when they need to gain weight. Now coming to iron... are u maddened by apple content of iron cos it turna black when kept open to air... then again u r fooling urselves. iron requirement