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dont expect a prescription online or phone... because

May be you can repair your a table by knowing how to use a hammer and screw, you may not do so for a smart phone; you know - its fragile.. The case with a child or human body is more delicate than this; its not only fragile but it is also dynamic. As a scratch can make the phone unusable, a wrongly spelt name or dose or duration of a medicine can be life threatening; More so; with a telephonic consultation where you are assuming that your assessment of the problem and doctor's assessment of the problem is exactly same. How can a parent/relative/guardian/politician know a child suffering from some disease; which a doctor probably took years of education and experience to understand and yet appears not so confident. - Dr SK Aug 2016 So, unless you are a qualified doctor; dont use online medical help for management... but use only for understanding. Follow @9869405747 DR SK is a qualified pediatrician with MD and DNB qualification, from India who has