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Does your child make funny throat sounds? Docs call ita postnasal drip!@

Do you or your kid makes funny sounds from throat? Funny sound behind nose or in throat like clucking chukcling vibrating or just like sounds of machines like say scooter... oops... any such sounds including those that look like repeated clearing of throat and like something stuck at or itching at palate throat or tongue.. All Have A Reason!@ These sounds need not be associated with breath in or out... if they are then we may call it like stridor. If not, we call it PND or post nasal drip irritation making u clear the throat in funny way. Solution: get checked by your doctor if you have allergy or allergic rhinitis... or get treated for it. Gargling helps.. so do antihistamines  syrups tablets n sprays for temporary relief.  Your dr may start special medicines depending on level of symptom frequency. Symptoms that are more so in early morning... are more likely related to allergic rhinitis. Read rule of S at

Understand your child health issues and doctor

Text dr kondekar on whatsapp or telegram 9869405747 INDIA.. Get online advice. Read disclaimer at also read what to ask a doctor and what not to ask a doctor in health visit at the website.

World Asthma Day 2015

 WORLD ASTHMA WEEK 2015 Paediatricians and chest specialists all over world will be celebrating world asthma day/week today at many hospitals. The theme is ' YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR ASTHMA'..0 its time to act. In my experience, I feel that the name ASTHMA has always been taken with taboo by many people and doctors, so much so that people have developed myths that..'its incurable..' or 'its a lifelong disease needing life long treatment' 'medicines cause addiction' or once an inhaler always an inhalers'.. These myths are false; but due to this, many children and adults are taken to various different doctor and non doctor specialists; that keeps the patient incompletely cured and hence uncontrolled. its time to control asthma. the very first way is to  @know that what the child or person is suffering from is an asthma for sure@ This is very important. If its not asthma; how will it get controlled? The rule of asthma diagnosis needs to be clearly u