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Danger symptoms: when not to ask for online help from a doctor?

following situations will be difficult or impossible to manage through email, how ever you may just discuss with the doctor later once the acute condition settles down. while asking a query to Child health specialist pediatrician Mumbai... You shouldnot post your query on any online medical advice forms in the following way. 1. should i go to a doctor? == legally when you feel like going to a doctor for consultation of emergency or appointment, there is no second thought. Online doctors cant refuse your wish as the seriousness you describe or the doctor feels cant be assessed online without a video-call. 2. if the child has trauma , medicolegal issue, abuse, addiction, psychological element of the caretaker, its very important and binding that the emergency issues be tackled first. legal elements and psychological issues require a great follow up and cant be answered by email forms. 3. when child has any danger signs: === when a child has any danger signs or danger symptoms