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Loose motions "acute gastroenteritis" dehydration dysentery

For COUGH related queries, please read my article   for clinic address in Mumbai, India please visit Acute DIARRHEAS... WATER LOSS.. DEHYDRATION... DYSENTERY,., QUERIES All diarrheas are not same… They are caused by infections and many times without infections. Causes of diarrhea are different at different ages too. Apart from causes-- pattern of diarrhea is also important. Some are watery and some with less water. Some are sticky and some with blood. Some do have serious reason under it. Some do cause serious complications. in summary a common medicine or formula can not be applied to a case of diarrhea without knowing above details. Often there is a confusion that teething causes diarrhea, winter causes diarrhea.. monsoon causes diarrhea...etc there is scientific logic which needs to modify these beliefs. Teething Diarrhea Often parents come with various tonics for dentition available in market...practically teething per say does not cause diarrhea. d

child specialist on call..

DR SK is a qualified pediatrician with MD and DNB qualification, from India who has specialised himself in counselling parents and children about the knowledge and various aspects of child health, illness, treament, diseases and their doctors. Dr SK is working as a pediatric intensivist and respiratory and infections specialist at Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital Mumbai India 400012.  He has clinical expertise in guiding doctors, patients and also managing various illnesses and / or clinical situations concerning child health and its aspects like: Growth, Development Social and behavioural pediatrics including ADHD Respiratory illnesses including cold,cough, asthma Cardiac illnesses including congenital defects and rheumatic diseases Renal diseases Gastrointestinal diseases including diarrhea, vomiting, infections. hematological illnesses including anemias and hemorrhages. and various infections caused by various bugs like bacteria viruses and fungus. and many other clinical


Child health specialist pediatrician Mumbai presents epilepsy FAQs: Following is not a medical prescription, but just for information. No medicines should be taken or changed without direct clinical consultation and prescription issued by your doctor. .paid queries at  this site click here  Visit My Message Board   for public or open queries.Fill the form at this site for private queries . WHAT IS EPILEPSY? A repetitive seizure disorder due to abnormal cortical excitation, manifesting as local or generalized paroxysmal stereotypical movements with or without loss of consciousness, with or without frothing at mouth, with or without passage of urine and stools , with or without visible, tonic/clonic manifestations of a seizure. WHAT IS NOT EPILEPSY? Single seizure with normal EEG is not an epilepsy. Movement disorders like tremors, chorea may be confused as epilepsy. Epilepsy may mimick syncope, migraine or vertigo . WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PATTERNS OF EPILEPSY? Epilepsy c