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recurrent cough and cold, are you worried of asthma or allergy?

ask Child health specialist pediatrician Mumbai.... what is cough, cold and wheeze? Many parents and people have wierd ideas about cough, cold and wheeze.These interpretation are based on their knowledge, info, myths and perceptions. its better to be clean on these terms when we proceed to discuss further. Cough: is an explosive sound when air comes out of mouth with a force. noises from nose, chest, throat during breathing is not cough. "Kaff" (in ayurveda) means a lot different than the word "cough". Cough is of different types and varieties, that may help a doctor assess its severity and origin and accordingly plan a therapy. Cold : Ice is cold, when fever settles hands and feet may go cold. so cold is a very common word used for many issues. When meeting a doctor regarding respiratory issues, we will consider cold as "common cold". The word "common Cold" is used for symptoms of nose and throat with or without fever. Literally its  sy