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dengue fever protection and prevention Mumbai India when to worry?

As the flu started waning, dengue started rising... beware of mosquitoes.. the repellent creams have been the best for protection till date. Do take care even though the dengue cases this year are often not complicating... and surely dengue cases don't die of low platelets unless it causes some serious bleed. apart from these... a new virus like say adenovirus appears to have visited town since a week or two.. causing kids and adults to lose voice after a day of high fever and body aches. Luckily its self limiting and may not need antibiotics too.Take care not to spread these viruses, do follow basic hygeinic measures of hand wash/hand shake/sneezing etc  read more Recently Dengue fever cases are on rise with decline in malaria cases in Mumbai. It can present in various different forms with different patterns of fever or no fever. The care in Dengue fever is like that in any viral fever as mentioned below but in addition dengue can at times gets serious and l