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dengue fever protection and prevention Mumbai India when to worry?

As the flu started waning, dengue started rising... beware of mosquitoes.. the repellent creams have been the best for protection till date. Do take care even though the dengue cases this year are often not complicating... and surely dengue cases don't die of low platelets unless it causes some serious bleed. apart from these... a new virus like say adenovirus appears to have visited town since a week or two.. causing kids and adults to lose voice after a day of high fever and body aches. Luckily its self limiting and may not need antibiotics too.Take care not to spread these viruses, do follow basic hygeinic measures of hand wash/hand shake/sneezing etc  read more Recently Dengue fever cases are on rise with decline in malaria cases in Mumbai. It can present in various different forms with different patterns of fever or no fever. The care in Dengue fever is like that in any viral fever as mentioned below but in addition dengue can at times gets serious and l

Why one needs a balanced diet for kids?

Kids have high demand for growth. Every body tissue needs calories for its growth. . That comes from sugars; fat for its metabolism and energy stores.. that comes fron oils.. aminoacids for tissue and dna building.. that comes from proteins. A lots of micronutrients are required in small amounts for various body functions, enzymes, chemical reactions, metabolism, dna synthesis and neurological growth too. Each body cell is like a small factory. . Whose heart is dna in the nucleus which is made up of aminoacids linked with sugar and phosphate bonds. . Each cell has a kitchen called mitochondria which has energy store source where most metabolism occurs  and it along with golgi bodies intitiates productions of various special proteins and enzymes for body functions. All including cell wall needs regular nutrienta like water calories carbohydrates proteins and fat. To make a cell survive, proper nutrition is needed. Faulty diet can make every cell deficient for the nutrient. Thus bal

Why a mother of a two month old feel that her milk is not enough for her baby?

Its very common for a mother of two or three month old infant to feel that her milk is not enough because: 1.she feels so.. due to her perception of baby size or compared to peers 2.other family members or friends feel so 3. Baby appears thin. 4. Baby cries often 5. Baby leaves breast in few minutes 6. Mother feels she has less out put 7. She feels her breast size is small or not enough All these reasons are incorrect.. if mother milk is not enough, the baby will start losing weight. Now why these assumptions are incorrect? Dont hesitate to ask here.

Vomiting in children

Vomiting:... a often true symptom but wrongly labelled or wrongly interpreted by people makes doctors mismanage at times. Anything that looks like vomiting need not be vomiting. Something coming out of mouth.. say curdish milk in infants is called possetting... a normal phenomena. If its frothy or spitting out.. beware it may be type of seizure if child is losing eye contact along with. The term vomiting from inside often means retching reflux or at times throat discomfort. ... Vomiting just before cough and immediately with food is often choking or gagging than vomiting as seen th throat or tonsil issues. Vomiting little time after food can be food pipe or gut problems primarily infections. Vomiting with infection doesnt last more than three days. Vomiting with hyperacidity or neurological issues tend to recur unless properly treated. Repeated vomits can also be due to hut obstruction or TB. Vomiting lasting for weeks surely has a serious problems. also available at kondeka

Does your child make funny throat sounds? Docs call ita postnasal drip!@

Do you or your kid makes funny sounds from throat? Funny sound behind nose or in throat like clucking chukcling vibrating or just like sounds of machines like say scooter... oops... any such sounds including those that look like repeated clearing of throat and like something stuck at or itching at palate throat or tongue.. All Have A Reason!@ These sounds need not be associated with breath in or out... if they are then we may call it like stridor. If not, we call it PND or post nasal drip irritation making u clear the throat in funny way. Solution: get checked by your doctor if you have allergy or allergic rhinitis... or get treated for it. Gargling helps.. so do antihistamines  syrups tablets n sprays for temporary relief.  Your dr may start special medicines depending on level of symptom frequency. Symptoms that are more so in early morning... are more likely related to allergic rhinitis. Read rule of S at

Understand your child health issues and doctor

Text dr kondekar on whatsapp or telegram 9869405747 INDIA.. Get online advice. Read disclaimer at also read what to ask a doctor and what not to ask a doctor in health visit at the website.

World Asthma Day 2015

 WORLD ASTHMA WEEK 2015 Paediatricians and chest specialists all over world will be celebrating world asthma day/week today at many hospitals. The theme is ' YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR ASTHMA'..0 its time to act. In my experience, I feel that the name ASTHMA has always been taken with taboo by many people and doctors, so much so that people have developed myths that..'its incurable..' or 'its a lifelong disease needing life long treatment' 'medicines cause addiction' or once an inhaler always an inhalers'.. These myths are false; but due to this, many children and adults are taken to various different doctor and non doctor specialists; that keeps the patient incompletely cured and hence uncontrolled. its time to control asthma. the very first way is to  @know that what the child or person is suffering from is an asthma for sure@ This is very important. If its not asthma; how will it get controlled? The rule of asthma diagnosis needs to be clearly u