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constipation in newborn or infant

Constipation in newborn or infant although more common in formula fed babies, it may also be seen in exlusively breastfed babies. It may be related to high phosphate and protein content of feeds by baby or mother diet. A simple way to help in addition is avoid cow or buffalo milk or goat milk if any given to child or baby. If the baby is formula fed, add intermittent water sips between feeds, or replace one feed with water for a week. stools get hard when water content of feeds or stools get lesser or the phosphate content rises. if the child is growing well along growth charts, then this may be a concern at times if it is asociated with bulging abdomen and in addition if the child makes faces, or appears irritable during feeds or cries at times with abdominal distension, child may be given small amount glycerine suppository (1gm Hallens)  by his doctor, alternate day for a week or teo to evacuate colon of the hard stuff, simultaneously working towards making the feeds with enough

preventing febrile seizures

If the seizure had been with the fever, at the rise of fever and with no more than 1 day fever history; it is more likely to be a febrile seizure. however in developing countries hypocalcemia and tuberculosis is so common that they may get precipitated with fever as convulsions. treatment remains same even if second opinion is taken. if the seizures are febrile by definition as above; main therapy is to prevent the fever from coming and also from rising it beyond 99 with prompt therapy. regardiung how to manage fever, please read details at my blog if there is associated calcium deficiency or rickets or evidence or suspicion of infection like tuberculosis, it is prudent to evaluate in this direction continuing treatment for fever which may be an added antibiotic after an expert consultation. SOme patients do need neuroimaging like MRI scan or EEG (brain graph), to decide further therapy. repeated febrile seizures may be started on drugs like clobazam

common cold: Treating running nose!

common cold: Treating running nose! caring for kids, their health and illness: Child health specialist pediatrician Mumbai Treating running nose is no big deal... but treating its complications and PNDrip (postnasal drip) is a headache for the practitioner. In fact, I had seen pediatricians admitting and sedating for 3 days to get rid off. combination decongestants for patient and family. tricks: Running nose: A very common problem; watery or thick.. continuous or intermittent.. with fever or without fever, yellow white.. (pardon the allergic once, they come with paroxysmal sudden sneezing and are more easy to treat... oral atihistaminics or nasal antihistaminics and or steroid inhalors.. but you too pls do read below) watery or thick.. : Clean nostrils with ear buds/bulb ( no ENT will advice, but i do, by cleaning I mean cleaning the alae nasae- the outer part), periodically, if its thicker.. use saline drops (nasomist spray) : no of drops + no of months of age till 8

what a parent would like to know about his kid from a doctor

what a parent would like to know about his kid from a doctor caring for kids, their health and illness Always ask: Layman questions: what is my child suffering from? Is it common? how common? Is it serious? How serious? nothing to worry... some thing to worry.. or critical? any danger to life or ability? Does it require medicines- /hospitalisation? how long? will it require a change of medicines? whats its chance? Effect within how many hours... if no relief then what? what i am supposed to do to keep it in check? what parameters to monitor? when should i consult back? or when to worry? Anything to prevent the same? Can it be this and that? can he have day to day food and activities in this period? Most of your questions are answered by your doc in first visit unless he has a very busy schedule.. and if you cant get answer even after asking these quieries then better change your doc. also read: ask your doctor a contingency prescription (click on the link) *****