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child had a fall from bed or height. what to do? when is head injury serious? any to worry?

often there are no issues if the child didnt fall from more than 2 feet or on sharps or was not dropped with force. if there are no issues for 48 hours usually all is ok. but very rarely some issues creep if some internal damage like say chronic subdural hemorhage has set in. commonly kids with mild form of head trauma may develop some irritability or vomiting for few hours. if it lasts longer or if the child develops any neurological symptom like say sleepiness , lethargy, irritability or persistant vomit, it warrants a brain scan and further action. head injury in child is significant if its a fall from more than 3 feet or its showing some symptoms. Symptoms may be of local injury at the site of trauma,like abrasion, bruise, lacration, cuts, fracture or bleeding. can be at head, body, spine or back. It can also cause some internal complications like internal bleeding in brain, chest or abdomen or at times thigh or muscle hematomas/fractures. Head injury is problematic if