Ear ache in children

Short duration earaches are very common in children and often is a reason for rushing to hospital with the baby around 3am.
Though common cause of ear ache all over world is wax or a foreign body insect or cotton or stick in ear... In infants the ear is most commonly aching due to common cold.
The nose block associated with common cold or rhinitis or adenoiditis or flu causes pressure and congestion of Eustachran tube opening in throat and causes pain in ear due to pressure buildup in middle ear.
Ear ache in infants is commonest reason of excess cry (after the infantile colic) in age 2 months to 2 years. Ear infections are often bacterial and may need good course of specific antibiotics.
Dont try to treat an ear issue without visiting a doctor as there are some serious infections like otitis media that need good course of antibiotics. Also some life threatening sequalae like bleeding, sepsis or tetanus may floow some cases and cannot be easily seen as other symptoms.
Never put any stick in ear.. Its the job of doctor to clean if felt necessary. Most kids dont need wax cleaning as ear pipe ot children is straight.
Analgesic ear drops give prompt.relief that antibiotic or antifungal ear drops. Wax dissolving doesn't help in pain as it only dissolves wax. Otoscope is a special instrument that may help doctor to see ear content if not easily seen. Leaky ears often get infected and is a sign of ear drum damage or perforation or rupture. Its always better to have cotton swab closing the ear during sleep and removing it after bath in morning to avoid insect or water getting in ear.
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