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Why cant your doctor tell medicines on text/ call/ whatsapp?

Its very natural to understand that u dont wish to go to doctor  even if you or your child ja having serious problem for following reasons: 1. Its an added burdeon to time, travel and money 2. You dont feel the problem is serious enough to go to dr at the given moment. 3. You may feel that visiting doctor for a problem is not worth in a given  situation. 4. You may feel medical service should be free and all dr should give free service without examining patients. 5. Some one may feel that things can be managed at home without visiting a dr and one should go to dr only when things get serious or out of hand.   Please read below 1. Read my article on your topic at all illnesses are not same each time. U may start that medicins but it may not work may work depending on diagnosis. And may have its adverse events. 2.Legally giving prescription without examining patients iis recently made a punsihable act. No prescrpition is valid 2 weeks after issuing it. All illnes

Does my child need antibiotics?

Fever Cough, cold, Flu? is it flu? will it need antibiotics? Viral fevers of respiratory system are called flu. Flu is something that comes with nose throat symptoms and fever may be optional. if it gets to chest, there is danger of pneumonias and also serious issues. In typical viral flu, fever may be there for a day or two at beginning and later runny nose or stuffy nose for two days... as nose starts settling cough pics up and may last for a week. Child intake gets reduced adding another danger. Often A dr will add a fever treating medicine in beginning with an antihistaminic combination for few days and as cough starts the medicines may be switched over  to cough syrups; which may be sedatives and if there is more night cough bronchodilator cough syrups may be needed. Antibiotics may become essential if Dr thinks about a bacterial disease or complication. Key to adequate response to therapy is a detailed history, close watch on danger symptoms, Doctor's clinical acumen on

How urgent is a dr appt... Is decided by parents. Emergency cases in children require hospital admission.

When you call a doctor for appointment,  please be sure the child is not having any danger to life. If u feel child is serious or very weak or u arr worried of danger to life,  please do not wait at home and take the child to hospital immediately for admission and supervised therapy. Taking a risk to wait for an appointment can at times worsen the disease,  more so when the wait is more. When a patient is at home How urgent is a dr appt... Is decided by parents. Emergency cases in children require hospital admission. THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE EVERY PARENT IS NOT A DOCTOR AND PARENTS ASSESSMENT OF SEVERITY OF DISEASE CAN'T BE SAME AS DOCTORS AND ITS NOT WISE TO WAIT AT HOME WHEN IN DOUBT. When a doctor says no immediate danger to life means child can be saved with medical measures if acted in time. It doesnt always mean that child can be managed at home. डॉं कोंडेकर संतोष वेंकटरमण@मुंबई Dr Santosh Kondekar is now also available at Shushrusha hospital Dadar West . Mumbai I

Danger symptoms in children: home observation

A child having difficulty recent or worsening,  related to activities of daily survival like difficult breathing,  not walking,  has a pain or swelling, not feeding not eating  or not passing urine six plus times in  day.. Is likely to requre immediate hospital visit.. Or admission to hospital. Pediatric Urgent and Chronic Health Issues Up to 18 years Age Aakaar clinic, first floor, Laxmi residency, opp, Byculla Station Rd, Byculla West, Mumbai, 400027 098694 05747 डॉं कोंडेकर संतोष वेंकटरमण@मुंबई Dr Santosh Kondekar is now also available at Shushrusha hospital Dadar West . Mumbai India. Monday to Friday at 7 to 9 PM. Follow @9869405747 DR SK is a qualified pediatrician with MD and DNB qualification, from India who has specialised himself in counselling parents and children about the knowledge and various aspects of child health, illness, treament, diseases and their doctors. Dr SK is working as a pediatric i

कुठली ब्लड टेस्ट सहसा तापाच्या आजारात करायला हवी?

New कुठली ब्लड टेस्ट सहसा तापाच्या आजारात करायला हवी? बर्याच लोकांना डाक्टर कडे न जाता आधीच रक्त तपासणी करावेसे वाटते. कदाचित त्यांना डाक्टर ला मदत करायची असेल किंवा पहिल्या भेटीची फिस वाचवायची असेल, किंवा डाक्टर घ्या निदान कौशल्यावर विश्वास नसेल. काहिही कारण असो.. हा सल्ला  त्यांच्यासाठी आहे १. प्रत्येक आजाराची टेस्ट येत नाही, प्रत्येक आजारात टेस्ट लागत नाही, टेस्ट असली तरी उपलब्ध नसेल किंवा ऊपचारापेक्षा खूप महाग असेल किंवा त्याची  गरज नसेल म्हणून कदाचित डाक्टर टेस्ट  सांगत नसतात. २. प्रत्येक आजारात प्रत्येक वेळी टेस्ट पाझिटिव्ह येणे आवश्यक नसते. ३.सल्ल्याशिवाय टेस्ट केली तर उरलेल्या टेस्ट साठी परत रक्त घ्यायला लागू शकते. फक्त ताप आहे असं असलं तरी कूठलेही तापाचे कारण त्यावेळी उगवू शकते. आणि जेव्हा विचार न करता टेस्ट करायच्या असतात तेव्हा डोक्याला सूचेल त्या किंवा समोर दिसेल त्या किंवा कानावर आलेल्या किंवा टिव्ही न्युज मधे पाहिलेल्या आजाराची टेस्ट भितीपोटी लोक करतात व करतात. टेस्ट केल्याने आज