Why cant your doctor tell medicines on text/ call/ whatsapp?

Its very natural to understand that u dont wish to go to doctor  even if you or your child ja having serious problem for following reasons:
1. Its an added burdeon to time, travel and money
2. You dont feel the problem is serious enough to go to dr at the given moment.
3. You may feel that visiting doctor for a problem is not worth in a given  situation.
4. You may feel medical service should be free and all dr should give free service without examining patients.
5. Some one may feel that things can be managed at home without visiting a dr and one should go to dr only when things get serious or out of hand.
  Please read below
1. Read my article on your topic at kondekar.com all illnesses are not same each time. U may start that medicins but it may not work may work depending on diagnosis. And may have its adverse events.
2.Legally giving prescription without examining patients iis recently made a punsihable act. No prescrpition is valid 2 weeks after issuing it. All illnesses are not same and same meds may not wotk each time for similar complaints. Sorry for inconvenience.
3.So whatever u take is at ur risk and without any guarantees.
4.I  am not legally allowed to confirm your decision to take or stop it online.
5.Visit a nearest dr or hospital,  earliest.
6.Emergencies whether and when to visit a doctor and its decision is always to be done by parents or patients.


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