Autism : general understanding

AUTISM u may say is a type of personality or social interaction issue in otherwise normal child. That means you aren't with a case of serious autism which have issues with development and IQ.
Certifying it is a technical job once the Dr learns to understand medical terms involved in diagnosis making. Ministry of health of India has released a national program now with inclen diagnostic tool which is widely available on internet. Problem is not with diagnosis... But is with treatment. One needs to assess intellectual productive value of child along with speech and personality issues and these need to be tackled with various therapy programs, the choice of which though is subjective but should b decided on what works best. A combination never harms but many programs are less studied or less effective and may have been advertised too much. Definitions keep on changing every decade and that's just for technical issues . before 1984 these kids were part of a group called psychopaths. So don't go by name. See what your child is not able to do or be have at par with peers and then sit with doctors and therapists to help you bring out the change closest to normal. This requires serious periodic efforts from parents and family in earliest years of diagnosis. Complex issues need complex therapy. Each one of the modifiers... Doctors, patient, therapist and family need to keep updating various readings and skills without giving a panic response or without falling prey to advertised but low outcome strategies. When there can't be single magic Remedy.. Every one is likely to project his or her is the best. Its we all... Who need to decide and implements. What's working in given situation at times by repeated trial and Errors. Dr Kondekar

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