child infant skin rash, is it allergy ot chiken pox or handfoot mouth disease or measles

                                                              Skin rash with fever in kids. Getting rational!@

www.kondekar.comAllergy does cause an itchy swollen rash... often without fever and at times may progress to respiratory discomfort.. and hence need to be promptly understood treated and prevented. Common allergies are related to diet protein nut/egg/oats/milk/fish etc
Around winter.. three types of viral rashes are often seen. Although any viral fever including dengue fever can rash; the viral rash is often strongly described and seen with measles and chicken pox and hand foot mouth disease.
Commonest of these 3 being hand foot mouth disease HFMD... is the mildest of all and often may not need any specific measures unless has bad oral sores or complications. Its easy to know that HFMD rash is small reddish mini fluid bumps and doesnt affect trunk or back and often has a mouth sore. Fever may be short and mild. All may disappear in two weeks though can spread very fast.
Chicken pox on other hand appears more dreadful and scary rash. It has high fever at onset with trunk lesions and takes three days to spread over rest of body. Different sizes and stages of small to large fluid bumps called vesicles in different stages at a time and each bump surely scarring in a week; and no new bumps beyond ten days since onset is most likely chicken pox. It can cause complications like acute pneumonia.
Rash of HFMD is discrete-small and in measles bumps are very small size and in 'chicken pox and measles' heavily spread all over body.
Measles rash is more common in kids who have skipped measles vaccine of 10 month age. Rash is fine sand like but red; starting in neck with high fever and spreading all over body in two days. Fever settles by three days and rash in a week without any scar. If u see WOUNDS or scar.. surely its not measles. Measles causes fall in immunity and has serious complications like pneumonia or TB to follow over a month.

Its important not to panic; but understand the disease course and visit a doctor earliest. Read danger signs and basic care in viral fever at

Remember if child refuses feed even twice or prefers to lie down more than six hours without sleep.. it may be a sign for hospital based observation.
There are tens of viruses and bacteria that cause a large variety of rashes. This is just an awareness basic.



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