tonsil adenoids in children, is it asthma or infection?

What are tonsils and adenoids?
They are the protective pillars at the entry point of infection that is throat and nose respectively. Dominant in children below 5 years age as they are weak, By age 10 yr age, most children have very small tonsils and adenoids and practically not serving any purpose.

What age children get affected? adults?
Usual age is 2 to 7 years. Those kids who have chronic symptoms may have it persistent in adults.

How do tonsils and adenoids get infected?
As they are the first pass gaurds, any infection entering from food or breath/aerosol can affect them respectively.

Is it infection or allergy?
Not allergy for sure. tonsils infections are easy to confuse with asthma while adenoid infections are easy to confuse with allergic rhinitis. As symptoms are overlapping to large extent.

How does a doctor make out a child having tonsils and adenoids?
from their symptom profile. In case of adenoids, the kids have nose block on throat side.. and kids often present with runny nose lasting 2 weeks or more.As the nose is almost blocked , these kids may have mouth breathing. fever, growth failure and reduced diet can be off and on. often there is bad breath, snoring and speech issues. rising pressure in ears may also cause ear pain and discharge as adenoids are close to ear openings in throat.
Tonsils often present with fever throat pain or fever cough or fever vomiting episodes. Often get cured with symptomatic therapy. there may be bad breath, hot potato speech or reduced solid intake. Children often look thin short and active. there are often nodes seen just around angle of jaw. Tonsils and house of tonsils often looks inflammed red in acute infections and may get sticky to uvula or other tonsils.
Reduced diet and growth failure is very common and may necessitate surgery.

Any investigations needed?
Adenoid examination by IDL test, Xray nasopharynx (digital) often shows adenoids blocking nose from throat side. Often it may block Eustachian tube.. the openings of ear inside throat.
For tonsils, a throat examination is enough. A blood count or strept test for throat may decide the course of antiniotic therapy.... but if there is any suspicion of TB, one may need node biopsy.

Does it cause growth failure?
As both these cases cause reduced intake, and frequent symptoms poor weight and eventually porr height gain is not uncommon.

Do all kids need surgery for tonsils?
No, unless growth failure or 7-8 episodes in a year affecting quality of life.

Does it cause bad breath, disfigurement of face or teeth?

Is it due to bottle feeding?

Does it cause leaky ear or ear infection?

Is there any permanent cure?
yes.. surgery but not needed in all cases. Even natural cure at times.

Are there any medicines?
yes. often symptomatic. Intermittent antibiotic courses and decongestants.

When and how to take these medicines?
Please visit a doctor for prescription.

Is this viral?
possible, but not all cases are viral.

Is this asthma?
It can cause asthma like symptoms so much so that sometimes these cases do need asthma like medicines,

Why do some children worsen?
due to neglect... due to large tonsils, frequent symptoms, inadequate therapy, and in some cases parents refusal to give antibiotics despite need.

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