preventing febrile seizures

If the seizure had been with the fever, at the rise of fever and with no more than 1 day fever history; it is more likely to be a febrile seizure. however in developing countries hypocalcemia and tuberculosis is so common that they may get precipitated with fever as convulsions.

treatment remains same even if second opinion is taken. if the seizures are febrile by definition as above; main therapy is to prevent the fever from coming and also from rising it beyond 99 with prompt therapy. regardiung how to manage fever, please read details at my blog

if there is associated calcium deficiency or rickets or evidence or suspicion of infection like tuberculosis, it is prudent to evaluate in this direction continuing treatment for fever which may be an added antibiotic after an expert consultation.

SOme patients do need neuroimaging like MRI scan or EEG (brain graph), to decide further therapy. repeated febrile seizures may be started on drugs like clobazam for short or long term depending on clinical settings and reports.

what is more important for parents is the precautions one is supposed to take to prevent seizure from complicating at home and also learning to treat the seizure or convulsion at home.

As soon as you notice a seizure, turn the child on one side so that he wont aspirate secretions, loosen the clothes donot hold the patient tight. donot spray water or any other thing on face. keep rectal diazepam suppository handy which your doc may teach you how to use it in an emergency , that can help tackle seizure by introducing the medicine in correct dosage in the child's rectum through anus. This tricks needs to be learnt by parent or care taker. its prudent to give such therapy at home; after medical advice demosntration after a thorough consultation in individual case.

if the seizure is not tackled properly it may cause some permanant damage. seizure in a child whose milestones are delayed, usually is because of some permanant damage at brain. exntent of damamge decided extent of normalcy.

discuss with yoru doctor regarding possibility of meningitis


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