Friday, May 31, 2019

Does my child need antibiotics?

Fever Cough, cold, Flu? is it flu? will it need antibiotics?
Viral fevers of respiratory system are called flu. Flu is something that comes with nose throat symptoms and fever may be optional. if it gets to chest, there is danger of pneumonias and also serious issues.
In typical viral flu, fever may be there for a day or two at beginning and later runny nose or stuffy nose for two days... as nose starts settling cough pics up and may last for a week. Child intake gets reduced adding another danger.
Often A dr will add a fever treating medicine in beginning with an antihistaminic combination for few days and as cough starts the medicines may be switched over  to cough syrups; which may be sedatives and if there is more night cough bronchodilator cough syrups may be needed.
Antibiotics may become essential if Dr thinks about a bacterial disease or complication.
Key to adequate response to therapy is a detailed history, close watch on danger symptoms, Doctor's clinical acumen on picking up signs , deciding appropriate therapy based on current flu strains in community added the experience. Doses matter a lot in kids and cough syrups come with caution of life threatening dangers. Doses of drugs and compliance of patient decidesthe for ask/details.
Please visit a doctor.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

How urgent is a dr appt... Is decided by parents. Emergency cases in children require hospital admission.

When you call a doctor for appointment,  please be sure the child is not having any danger to life. If u feel child is serious or very weak or u arr worried of danger to life,  please do not wait at home and take the child to hospital immediately for admission and supervised therapy. Taking a risk to wait for an appointment can at times worsen the disease,  more so when the wait is more.
When a patient is at home How urgent is a dr appt... Is decided by parents. Emergency cases in children require hospital admission.

When a doctor says no immediate danger to life means child can be saved with medical measures if acted in time. It doesnt always mean that child can be managed at home.

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